Orbital Germans

Jane's first adventure! The pilot episode that started it all.

Rocket Bandits

In Rocketing Chicago, the distribution of prohibited drugs is getting way out of hand. Time for the Seriously Secret Service to get involved!

Der Fliegende Engel

A problem has arisen with Jane's eligibility for serious service in the Seriously Secret Service. To solve the problem, Jane enlists in the Army. But who wants army life when there's a mission to carry out?

Marauders of Mars

Jane and X8.5 get sent on a super-seriously-secret mission to Barsoom to protect the Princess from her deadliest foe: the First Lady!

In Space, No One Can Hear You Groan

A repulsive creature stalks the corridorx of a generation ship.

Target: The Emperor

Jane and X8.5 go on a suicide mission to Solar Nippon to retrieve the Emperor's Moustache of +20 Charisma and Massive Destruction

Guest comics

Some guest comics, mostly old ones, hoping to see some new ones as well.